Aurora Borealis
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With the music from our new album we will not only take you to some of the most wonderful corners of the world but we'll also invite you to our northern homeland. We cannot wait to share Unknown Composer's music with the world in our new album "Aurora Borealis"!
The pandemic left us scattered many kilometres away from each other, but now we finally have the opportunity to get back together. We've accumulated lots of new material (while on lockdown at home, as all of you). We are now in the studio and ready to start.

There is no way we could pull this off without your help, so we humbly ask you to support us in making this album.
The group combines in its music the severity and calm beauty of the Russian North with the brightness and mysteriousness of the Oriental music.
A sophisticated cocktail consisting of different musical traditions will appeal to all lovers of the original author's music.
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Aleksandr Kokorin
Ilia Denisov
Sergei Guliaev
Alisa Dobrynina
Khrisia Kachaeva
Keyboards, akkordeon
Kirill Martynov
"Unknown Composer" was formed back in 2011 as a children ensemble at Sunday school in the city of Arkhangelsk. We performed at charity events and school celebrations. Over time the musicians and the ambitions grew. Since 2016 we have decided to take music more than seriously and got our first success.

In 2018 we released our beloved album "Path". That album opened new horizons for us and received excellent reviews from critics. Now people listen to our music in many different countries, and our tracks are played on the radio. We won some serious awards, opened for and supported Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra, were guests at WOMEX and created shows on many festivals.

Where does our music come from, you may ask? Ancient Pomor lore tells of a legendary musician whose name is unknown. His music though can be heard all over our vast motherland and beyond its borders. Every night we leave a blank note sheet, a pencil, a glass of milk and a piece of wheat bread hoping that the genius will come to gift his music to us. All we have to do is touch up the arrangement and play. To honor this Pomor samurai we called our band "Unknown Composer".
The album "Path" by the group "Unknown Composer" opens all roads.
Unknown Composer - "Path"
Unknown Composer: Balkans and Angels
1. Intro
2. Fire Dance
3. Path
4. Theater
5. Jovano, Jovanke
6. Overture
7. Night. Moon. You
8. Gypsy Train

Path (2018)
1. Средневековая
2. Бросок
3. Карнавал
4. Танго
5. Полька
6. Пароход
7. Мишка
8. Токката и кода
Неизвестный Композитор ( 2014 )
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